St Peterís Pharmacy & Lipotrim Formula Foods - Helping
You with an Effective Weight Loss Plan

Obesity and excess weight are major contributors to ill health and
play a big part in illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and high
blood pressure. Being overweight can also put a physical strain on
you, making it hard to be active and mobile while at the same time
eroding your self - esteem and confidence - Fear not Lipotrim can help
with an effective weight loss.

If you're overweight and serious about losing weight, you can now get
professional help from St Peterís Pharmacy & The Lipotrim

Lipotrim has teamed up with some independent pharmacists to
introduce the Lipotrim Programme into the pharmacy environment. At
St Peterís Pharmacy our staff are highly trained members of the
healthcare team and provide many medical services for our
customers. St Peter's Pharmacy is able to offer the same Lipotrim
Programme as your doctor.
The Lipotrim programme, allows patients without significant medical
problems access to reliable effective weight loss programme.

Lipotrim Weight Loss Programme

Lipotrim is a Total Food Replacement Programme that can help you
with a  safe and effective weight loss. The Lipotrim Programme
provides all the vitamins, minerals and nourishments your body
requires. You do not eat any other foods while on the lipotrim

The Lipotrim weight loss programme is ideal for people with the need
to lose more than 1 stone and who struggle to lose weight through
traditional means.


4 million men Obese
3 million women Obese
50% of population overweight

Here's a great opportunity for an effective weight loss and
become the person you want to be.

  • a lot of people struggle to lose weight through traditional
    dieting methods. The lipotrim programme will help you lose 1 stone a
  • The Lipotrim programme is ideal for patients with more than 3
    stone to lose or a BMI over 25.
  • Lipotrim is the ideal effective weight loss programme for the
    overweight person.
  • Full professional help and support enabling an effective weight
    loss on the pharmacy lipotrim programme.

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