Lipotrim Programme

The Lipotrim Programme uses a nutrient complete Total Food
Replacement formula which is designed to safely maximize the
Calorie Gap ( the difference between the Calories you use and
Calories you eat). It provides appropriate amounts of all essential
nutrients your body needs each day.

Losing weight, like giving up smoking, is easier said than done.
Your decision to take action means that you're already halfway there.

Lipotrim can help you if you are serious about losing weight and are
willing to follow the programme strictly. You cannot use Lipotrim on a
casual basis and you need to put aside any preconceptions you may
have from previous dieting regimes and follow Lipotrim instructions

Rate of weight loss

The average person uses about 2000 Calories each day. During the
Lipotrim programme more energy is used up than is taken into the
body. This means that the body's reserve stores of sugar and fat are
drawn to meet the body's needs, hence body weight is lost. You are
not actually living on reduced Calories; you are only changing the
place the Calories come from.

It is impossible for people who are complying with the diet not to lose
weight. The body needs  about 800 Calories just to keep the body
temperature up.

First week - average 7lbs, but this can be considerably higher - large
fluid losses from utilization of body glycogen and dumping of oedema

Subsequent weeks - expect about:
Men - 3-5lbs per week
Women - 2-4lbs per week

Will I succeed?

Most people underestimate the psychological factors involved in
eating. Whereas hunger is a physical response telling you that your
body needs food, appetite is a psychological desire for food, which is
still not fully understood. Willpower is therefore an important factor
when deciding to lose weight. Lipotrim formula foods promote ketones
which provide a boost to your willpower.

Having the support of staff at St Peterís Pharmacy

Running the Lipotrim programme through the pharmacy means you
have the support and expertise of a health professional the whole way.
Our staff are the health and medicines experts on the High Street and
are already involved in helping people give up smoking and advising on
healthy living. The pharmacy is also a convenient setting for a weight
management clinic, being accessible and informal at the same time
as being discrete and confidential.

The programme is suitable for everybody. You must be able to drink at
least 3-4 litres of water a day and be committed for the period of
weight loss.


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